Wealth & Freedom Protection Formula


Providing your the Building Blocks to Create the Life you WANT!


Unlock financial freedom with YOUR Roadmap and proven money-making methods

Three-day Event teaches you...

...the full foundation of ever-lasting WEALTH

...the consciousness behind money & investing

...create a Roadmap to help you reach the outcome that YOU specifically design for yourself


Ask yourself...

...how do they do it??

This three-day Boot Camp will also teach you the proven methods you need to get ahead and remain there in your financial life.

Asset Protection Playbook - How to protect your worth & assets with Trusts! A Special Guest will be educating us on Day 1 of the workshop!

Freedom Investing Mindset System - Discover the concepts & methods Cowboy Joe has used to earn & build generational wealth (and work fewer hours while doing so). You don't want lazy dollars!

Design Your Personal Financial Blueprint - Helping you reach the outcome that you specifically desire for yourself now.

Your GO Plan System (GPS) - Build your Net Worth!

Your Money Work-4-U Roadmap - A clear image for your Return of Investment

Infinite Banking - Learn how to copy & implement the bank's business plans used to generate unthinkable amounts of profit.

Study under an Expert - Giving you access to the resources and mentors that Cowboy Joe has invested in all through the years as an Investor and it's directly impacted his life

Like-Minded Community Members - Only working with people that add value and grow a community of action takers!



  • THREE Full Days of Personalized Intensive Training with Cowboy Joe

  • FIRST 5 SIGN-UPS = Get Room Included (1 room per seat sold)

  • Buy 1 ticket, get a GIFTED ticket to bring a friend, spouse or business partner.*

  • Asset Protection Playbook

  • Freedom Investing Mindset System

  • Design Your Personal Financial Blueprint

  • Your GO Plan System (GPS)

  • Your Money Work-4-U Roadmap

  • Ultimate Asset Protection Vault

  • The Make More, Keep More Tax Secrets

  • One Hour Consult on The Ultimate Asset Protection Vault

  • Private FB Group

Meet Cowboy Joe - Your NEW financial mentor

You might be wondering, 'Who's Cowboy Joe?' Well, Cowboy Joe has generated millions over his career (for both himself & his business partners.)

But his wealth isn't only down to the profits he's made. It's all down to his savvy investing methods & exploiting the business plans used by banks all over the world.

Now, he wants to pass this knowledge on to others to help them unlock financial freedom & say goodbye to the slug of a wage life.


Don’t miss the opportunity to get

in front of Cowboy and the team to help you connect your wallet!

You know Cowboy Joe will be teaching about Crypto!!!

Nick M, 42


"Just when I thought I knew enough on money, Cowboy Joe blows my mind in Crypto!

He has completely transformed my education on wealth management and how to create another stream of income with Crypto."

Rebecca L, 42


"I just showed up and considered investing in Digital Assets, my little investment has 10x in less than 6 months! Cowboy Joe Rocks!"

Shawn Matthews, 35


"An outpouring of information was encountered when we crossed paths at a recent event. I highly recommend getting in front of Cowboy Joe whenever the opportunity presents itself."


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